Competency Gap Analysis

Defining available structures, best practices, funding and organizations involved in health promotion and/or primary prevention.


OER and transfer of Best Practices

Transfer of best practices and open educational resources (OER) from the “SÍBS Life and Health” initiative, adjusted to participating communities.  Implementation of free health check, parallel to “Your Life & Health day”  in selected communities using HAL-100™survey tool adapted and translated to partners languages.


On-line learning platform

“Life and health” on-line learning platform in partner languages, disseminating and transferring project results, including: curriculum for lifestyle coaching, online teaching material for lifestyle coaching in partner languages, workshop training of lifestyle coaches, teaching and training material and finally Network of lifestyle coaches in partner countries/regions.


Pilot lifestyle training

Pilot lifestyle training by trained lifestyle coaches in participating regions/countries & Pilot training or workshop of lifestyle coaches in participating regions.





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