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SÍBS is a non-profit organization with the aim of improving the health and well-being of Icelanders through rehabilitation, prevention, positive intervention, education and awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Fundraising is done through a national lottery, charity and other means. SIBS is involved in publication and awareness trough a widely distributed magazine and digital media, SIBS journal, documentaries and other public training material. SIBS organizes courses and seminars for employment NGOs as well as the public on health and lifestyle and has received validation as adult education provider from Menntamálastofnun (  

SÍBS owns and operates several businesses across rehabilitation, health and lifestyle:

R. Dønåsen:

The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization (LHL)

The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization (LHL), established in 1943, is a major patient organization in Norway. LHL has 54 000 members. LHL is a comprehensive member-based, non-profit health organization. The new hospital owned and run by LHL is operated from 2018. We offer treatment and health care services on the basis of patients’ medical and personal needs. With our 250 local associations, our clinics and as operator of a number of hospitals, LHL is uniquely placed to follow up patients and family members both prior to, during and after treatment. We have health care experts and peer supporters capable of answering all types of questions online, on the telephone or at our treatment centers throughout the country. Through educating the public, teaching, treatment, follow-up, research and political lobbying, LHL has helped improve people’s lives since 1943. And we will go on doing just that.

Hrönn Grímsdóttir:

Austurbrú – The East Iceland Bridge for Development, Tourism, Culture, Knowledge and Innovation

Austurbrú was founded in 2012 by over 30 founding members, including municipalities, universities, trade unions, colleges, and other interested parties in Iceland. Austurbrú advocates in the interest of inhabitants, communities, institutions and companies in East-Iceland. It provides a coordinated and interdisciplinary service related to economy, education and culture.


The purpose of Austurbrú is to strengthen competitiveness of companies, liveability in the area and the educational levels of the people in East Iceland. Further goals are increasing the attractiveness of the region both for tourists and inhabitants.

Austurbrú – the East Iceland Bridge – intends to fulfil its purpose by providing an interdisciplinary forum for cooperation and by working towards:

  • innovation, development and the nurturing of regional communities and businesses
  • greater job development and enhanced continuing and vocational education
  • effective information provision and comprehensive marketing
  • increasing variety and expansion in research and university-level education
  • diverse activities in the cultural, artistic and creative industry sectors


CESIE is a non-governmental organisation, established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of the Italian sociologist Danilo Dolci (1924-1997). CESIE contributes to the active participation of people, civil societies and institutions through the implementation of projects on various thematic areas, towards the promotion of growth and development, always valuing diversity in the respect of ethics and human development.

The organisation is dedicated to the promotion of research and development so as to increase and improve future-oriented innovation processes in educational, social, economic and cultural spheres.