The Project

“Life&Health” is a project focusing on health promotion and lifestyle coaching towards adults. The objective is to raise awareness of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) their risk factors related to lifestyle, increase health literacy and empower people to take action to improve their health and communities to create environment supporting health.


Life&health can further claim innovativeness in being practically the first effort to transfer and adapt the US “The National diabetes prevention program” program from CDC to NCDs in general and and different countries, located in different parts of Europe, finding themselves in very diverse national contexts. Thus, the project will produce a set of support tools, which will become widely-exploitable beyond the international composition of the partnership and will be available for utilization on part of different stakeholders across Europe to build capacity for training of lifestyle coaches and lifestyle coaching using open educational resources. Finally, Life&Health will set up lifestyle coaching network, which will greatly facilitate the exchange of good practices in lifestyle coaching to community members and representatives of local health care and health promoting communities. This will further have a multiplier effect on the efforts of the Life&health consortium to make a change regarding the situation of lifestyle coaching primary prevention and health promotion in Europe.